How to get maximum from PropellerAds Push traffic?

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May 14, 2018

You must have heard about PropellerAds Push Notifications. We were among the first to launch the format and develop all its smart features. Now our own Subscription base reaches more than 500 million users from 195 countries and regions of the world.

Our Push Notifications are a powerful tool for 100% ad message delivery and exclusive opportunities for our advertisers:

User Activity targeting for reaching high, medium, or low activity users.

Every user cohort has its own unique characteristics. Depending on the stage of your advertising campaign, you might need the freshest users for testing new offers or huge volumes of cheaper traffic with lower activity for scaling your well-performing campaigns.

Smart Rotator for creatives testing.

Testing creatives is one of the cornerstones of profitable affiliate marketing. In PropellerAds, you can add up to 8 creatives in a single campaign, test them, and quickly identify your winning creatives in a clear AB-test.

In-Page Push for new audiences.

A fresh update in our Push toolbox - unique Push traffic type capable of reaching iOS and macOS users, that due to their devices’ specifics, could not receive classic Push Notifications.

In-Page Push works on the websites and has literally no platform limitations. In-Page Push is perfect both for scaling Classic Push campaigns and for working with some verticals separately.

Audiences 2.0 for advanced retargeting.

As you might now, retargeting works perfectly for re-engaging users, and repeat communications show x3 higher conversion rate than the first ones.

We’ve recently upgraded our retargeting with additional audience collecting options. Now you can collect audiences of users who clicked on your ads, were considered engaged on your landing page, or even completed the conversion.

The best part - you can retarget on any format. Collect on Push, retarget on Onclick/Popunder, collect on Interstitial, retarget with Push ads.

If you still have doubts about the future of Push traffic, it means you haven’t tried working with our Push Ads. Register in PropellerAds and try all the new features today!

Lacking some essentials about running Push Campaigns? Read our guides on launching and optimizing Push Ads and test your skills.
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By the way, we have exciting news about our tools for push campaigns. CPA Goal is now available on Push Notifications & Onclick/Popunder! It’s an auto-optimization tool that helps driving conversions at the target price you set.

Read more about CPA Goal here