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Case Study How important is it to use geo-located servers?



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May 9, 2018
Hey guys.
In this quick case study, I want to share how important is to use a CDN or geo located servers based on your campaigns country.
Not only this allows you to improve your performance by loading a page faster for your visitors, but you can end up increasing things like CTR, Facebook's ad score, etc.

I'm testing this on pop traffic as it seems like the quickest way to gather data and because pops are more sensitive than clicked traffic.
Ideally, I just want to prove that a well-located server will perform better than a regular shared host in the USA (typical hosting plans like site ground, godaddy, bluehost, hostgator, etc).

Will it happen? let's put it to test!

For this test, I'm using a pop campaign for a geolocated in Asia (think of Korea, Taiwan, China, Japan, Thailand, etc).
The tracker I'm using is Voluum which is cloud-hosted and they have data centers around the globe, but if you are using a self-hosted tracker this should be even more important for PPV traffic.

I will host my landers in 3 points available at Vultr:
  • Japan (Asia, closest to the desired geo)
  • Amsterdam (Europe)
  • Canada
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