Case Study Google Adx Arbitrage by push (100%roi)



Jan 6, 2023
I recently got connected to some people from Affilift who are doing adx arbitrage and they encouraged me to do arbitrage on adx. I already have an Adsense approved site so I only need adx mcm approval by Google authorized company to start showing ad manager ads on my site. and the person is kind enough to provide me adx approval without any advance payment.

After getting approval I set up sticky, vignette, and display ad on site and run a push campaign on rich ads. (targeting tier2 countries)

Spending -


Revenue -


I literally started this 1 week ago so after optimization roi can improve.


Q- Can I get ad limit on social or paid traffic?
A- No ad limit issue in ad manager you can buy high quality traffic from facebook and make good profit.

Q- How much money I need to get adx approval?
A- You need about $100 - $200 to get paid adx approval.

Q- Can I send traffic from push?
A- push traffic can work but I will not suggest you to buy until you have whitelist& experience
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