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Follow Along galaksion+GG=xx$?



Apr 12, 2023
Traffic Source: galaksion
Tracking Tool: binom
Affiliate Network: GG
Type of Offer: PIN
Offer payout:0.12-0.56
I believe this campaign will be successful because: I am a newbie, but I have had some success in other traffic sources for pop traffic, and I hope that you will provide valuable advice on my campaign to make me more powerful!
Since binom didn't have their template, I created it manually and added some tokens

I have now added 2 ad campaigns, both popunder, one CPM and one CPA, waiting for review, then let's see the results

Note: The default time zone of galaksion is UTC, so you need to change to the time zone of the corresponding country, then go to
This was my first follow and seeing that Luke had released a new campaign, I thought I had to participate to boost my campaign. I also hope you all can give me a lot of input, thanks
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