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Follow Along First FA of Researching POP traffic with My private tracker #PA23



Jun 21, 2022
🎯 Traffic Source: Propellerads smartCPM
🔧 Tracking Tool: My private custom tracker
✅ Affiliate Network: TrafficCompany,Mobipium,etc
👍 Type of Offer: mVAS,sweeps
💰 Offer Payout: Less than $3
Undoubtedly, FA Contest has become the most attractive feature of Afflift. Every new member who joins the community may have received an invitation and encouragement from Luke: write a Follow Along. Yes, FA is really great, often driving oneself and possibly inspiring others.
In today's era of information overload, people may still be constantly trapped in an information cocoon. For example, some people described seeing almost everyone running Survey Offers with similar traffic in the past year. Why do few people share how to run Google, FB, Tiktok, or other traffic? Is it possible to organize FA contests or sharing events in this area in the future? If someone is willing to share this kind of FA, I would even be willing to pay to read it - for example, $1, haha.
Anyway, I am happy to create my first FA and participate in this contest. I do not expect the campaigns in this FA to be profitable, but rather hope to fully test my tracker, accumulate data, and reveal some unique information to everyone
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