Case Study Fake Chat Landing Page - Code and Creative Included


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Apr 17, 2018
I created a follow along promoting a pin submit dating service and it ended up being ROI negative. I was a little disappointed because it really seemed like it had some potential, but I just couldn't quite get it profitable.

Last night, I kept thinking about the campaign and realized that if I were talking to a member who was running the exact campaign I had run, I would tell them to build a landing page to pre-sell the offer and they would likely be able to get it profitable.

Practice what you preach right? :D

This morning, I spent about an hour hacking together a landing page I had in mind for the campaign and started testing it.

Well, it turns out I was right ;)

Here are the results for Zeropark:


and here are the results for the same campaign on PropellerAds:


Neither of these campaigns has been running very long so it seems I might have come across a real winner. I'm about to destroy that winner by giving you my landing page, but I imagine you'll see it in Anstrex in no time anyway.

I prefer to run landing pages


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