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Apr 17, 2018
I've spent quite a bit of money running pin submits (1-click and 2-click flows) with pop traffic over the past month or so and decided to setup a push notification campaign for one of the offers that has been performing well for me.

I woke up to find my initial testing is going well so I decided to go ahead and share it with you :)

The offer I am running I initially found while doing some mass testing with Monetizer's smartlink. After I noticed it's performance, I started to look other places for the same offer to see if I could get a better payout and just to see what the average payout really is.

Well, it turns out Monetizer has the best payout, but it is available on Traffic Company as well with a different landing page and a lower payout. My assumption is the flow is a bit different. Not sure. Either way, I decided to split test Monetizer and Traffic Company since it was the same offer (Chat Bundle):


These are the results from my initial testing overnight. As you can see, the top Monetizer link is profitable. The second link is my original ZA_Vodafone
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