Extra-Profit with Push Subscriptions: Tips from ProPush.me



Aug 1, 2019
Today is the day when you can start earning 35% more with Push subscriptions. Come, ProPush will explain how to extra-monetize your traffic!

What is ProPush? ProPush helps advertisers and publishers get extra-money with their landing pages/websites and CPA offers.
How? Set the ProPush Tag to your landing page/website and start receiving additional super-lazy income from Push subscribers.
And what if users don’t want any subscriptions? Use Traffic Back - you will still receive extra profit no matter how users act. Any action - Allow, Deny, or if a user is already subscribed - brings you money.
How to get the most out of extra-monetization? Continue reading and find out!

Grab these monetization tips and earn more!

  • Tip 1: Traffic Back on the Back button
One of the scenarios that can ruin all of your plans to get more subscribers is as simple as that: a user presses the Back button and leaves. Traffic Back set on this button ensures that a user is transferred to another relevant offer, so you still get your profit for an impression.
  • Tip 2: Analysis and optimization above everything
ProPush.me provides clear statistics, so you can
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