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Follow Along Experiment: Clickflare+TheOptimizer+Fresh New Revcontent Account



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Jan 7, 2019
🎯 Traffic Source: Revcontent
πŸ”§ Tracking Tool:
βœ… Affiliate Network: Multiple
Automation Tool: TheOptimizer
πŸ‘ Type of Offer: Straight Sale
πŸ’° Offer Payout: $135-150
πŸ† I believe this campaign will be successful because:
I have made it work already on my Revcontent account with a decent account-level blacklist
πŸ” I am unsure about: Whether this is a good idea to start over or not.

So I have been running revcontent for a couple of years now almost, and I had an account level blacklist that looks something like this :

That's like 25% zoom and there's thousands of sites on there for sure. Which is good, but I wanted to see if I am missing out because especially at the beginning I was super aggressive in blacklisting!

Thought this is a good opportunity to test a new tracker @clickflare and also to give theOptimizer some work to do :)

Advantages I have are : I know the offer is solid, so I don't have to worry about it. I know my funnel is solid as well. I also know from memory many of the sites which are absolutely shit and I can block them
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