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Evadav Contest - October 2019 - $1000 in Prizes!


New member
Amazing contest @Luke :love:
Will be taking part for sure!

Also on a sidenote:

Whoever needs landers, I can provide you a small pack of 4-5 landing pages at absolutely no cost (2-3 from starter pack, 2-3 from advance).
The only condition will be, you have to create a follow-along (whether with my landers or some other does not matter) and not just run away with the landers :)

So there is no reason not to take part in this contest.

Just hit me up for the mini-lander pack ;)
HI :) can I get the landers pack :)


Staff member
There are only 2 days left to participate. Please make sure you've updated your threads :)


Staff member


Well-known member
Thanks @Luke. I got to try a new traffic source (and make some money from profitable camps) because of this follow-along :)