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Evadav Contest - October 2019 - $1000 in Prizes!


Staff member
Are you ready to try a new traffic source and make some money?!?!?!?!????

October is here and we are starting the final quarter of 2019 with a contest! This month, we will be having a follow along contest with our friends at Evadav (@Evadav).

Evadav is a great ad network that supports push notification ads and they recently added pops as well. For our contest this month, you will be able to create a follow along thread as an advertiser running a push or pop campaign OR generate push notification subscribers for them as a publisher. You can do both of these on one account once you sign up for Evadav :)


Once you sign up for Evadav, you can run an ad campaign buying:
  • Push notifications
  • Popunders
Or you can generate push subscribers for Evadav as a publisher using your own landing pages or one of their landing page templates. The contest will run from today, October 1st until October 31st.

Winners will be chosen and announced on November 1st. The $1000 in prizes will be divided up evenly among the winners (likely 10 each receiving $100 via PayPal).


The goal with our contests here on affLIFT is to encourage you to take action. You can read the forum all day every single day, but unless you actually take action and setup a campaign, you are not going to make any money.

So, participation is easy. To participate in this contest, all you have to do is create a follow along thread in either the Push Notification or PPV section of our forum (depending on which ad format you are trying) and document how you are setting up, running, and optimizing your campaign.
  1. Sign up for Evadav.
  2. Deposit your Advertiser funds ($100 minimum deposit) OR setup your links as a Publisher.
  3. Create a campaign.
  4. Create your follow along thread.
  6. Post about how you are setting up your campaign in Evadav and the offer(s) you are going to promote.
  7. Post about the initial results of your campaign.
  8. Post about how you are going to optimize the campaign based on what you've analyzed from your traffic so far.
  9. Post about how the optimizations worked.
  10. Continue to run your campaign and post about it in your thread. Ask any questions you have within your thread. My goal is for everyone to learn something from their follow along threads so their next campaign can be even better!
That's it! We (affLIFT) are the most helpful, friendly, and open community in the industry. Our goal is to help every member be successful and follow alongs are a great way to do that. Take action and create your follow along campaign with Evadav so we help you and you can make strides towards being a profitable affiliate marketer! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


I will be creating a follow along thread as both an Evadav advertiser and publisher. I will post them below once they are ready.

Advertiser (pops)


The winners of this contest will be chosen on November 1st and posted here. All winners will be paid on November 1st via PayPal.

The winners are...
  1. @Journey66
  2. @mukil
  3. @akahma
  4. @belrican
  5. @mycashnow19
  6. @Mrtheone14
  7. @Nick
  8. @szajka
  9. @bivekp
  10. @nitin
  11. @webmon


Evadav has contributed some Articles to affLIFT that are worth checking out:

Please reply to this thread and post a link to your follow along thread ๐Ÿ‘

๐Ÿ‘ A big thank you to Evadav for sponsoring this contest. I am excited to test out their traffic and hope you are too. Let's make some money!
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Well-known member
Amazing contest @Luke :love:
Will be taking part for sure!

Also on a sidenote:

Whoever needs landers, I can provide you a small pack of 4-5 landing pages at absolutely no cost (2-3 from starter pack, 2-3 from advance).
The only condition will be, you have to create a follow-along (whether with my landers or some other does not matter) and not just run away with the landers :)

So there is no reason not to take part in this contest.

Just hit me up for the mini-lander pack ;)


Staff member
@Luke here's my thread for the contest:

Great, they're both added :D