Guide Creating Custom Events in Binom v2

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Grandpa affLIFT
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Dec 1, 2018
I have been pretty quiet with affiliate marketing over Christmas and the New Year, in fact, I picked some kind of bug on New Year's Eve, and I am only just about getting over it now!

To kick start my 2024 journey, I thought I’d put together a quick guide on how to create some custom events in Binom, mostly because I was actually going to do it anyway :p

I usually create four custom events in my tracker, which I trigger via my landers using JavaScript, these are:
  • Push Allow %
  • Push Deny %
  • Back Button %
  • 2 Sec
I think it’s fairly obvious what they are, but just to clarify, here’s a quick description of each.
  • Push Allow % - This is triggered when a visitor clicks the allow push on the page.
  • Push Allow % - This is triggered when a visitor clicks the deny push on the page.
  • Back Button - This is triggered when a visitor clicks, you got it back in the browser!
  • 2 Sec – This is triggered once a visitor has spent more than 2 seconds on the page
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