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Guide Collect and monetize push subs with TC Ads 💲



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Community Leader
May 9, 2018
For almost 2 years, I've been recommending ProPush to grab push subscribers on your landing pages or even websites with organic traffic. It works great, and Propeller has a great product overall.

Before that, I think most people were using Monetizer or EVADAV in 2020 and before. One of my favorite companies with great mobile offers (Traffic Company) launched a push traffic network at the beginning of 2022, and I haven't read much about them. So I figured it might be time for a quick test.


TC Ads is the new platform by Traffic company where you can buy and sell push subs traffic. On this occasion, I wanted to test their push collection service, where you not only build a database they monetize, but you can also retarget your subscribers with your own campaigns, for FREE, up to 2 times per day.


Could this be an interesting solution? We'll have to test and see. First, you need to create an account as a publisher. The dashboard is the same for both publishers and advertisers (as you can make FREE campaigns to target your audience).

How to collect subscribers with TC Ads

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