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ClickerVolt Questions & Answers / Feature Requests & Change Log



Grand Guru
Dec 11, 2018
Hey everyone :)

After I posted that case study, I've got a fair amount of people interested in learning more about ClickerVolt.

So I thought it would be a good idea to make some of my answers public here. I'd also like to use this thread for feature requests and change log.

Here are some of the most frequent questions:

Q: Is ClickerVolt out of beta/available?

Yes it is! We're still adding features, and probably always will, but I don't consider it to be in beta anymore.

Q: Can ClickerVolt be used already for tracking real campaigns?

What do you call "real campaigns"?? Haha, of course it can! I'm already using it for months in my own campaigns. Right now it's perfect for PPC, Facebook and Native, but not ready yet for affiliates needing redirect rules... UPDATE: redirect rules are now available and allow you to route your traffic depending on whatever you want: country, city, device, OS, time of day, URL variables etc...

Q: Can I track complex funnels with it or just lander to offer?

You can track very complex funnels. As I was using funnel flux in the past, I wanted ClickerVolt to be as flexible to allow me
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