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UPDATE (January 3, 2023): ClickerVolt is no longer maintained.

A tracker is an essential tool for every affiliate and media buyer. It helps you monitor the traffic coming in, as well as the conversions you receive. If you are on a tight budget and are currently on the fence about which tracker can give you the bang for your buck, your best option would be to use a free tracker!

If you get a free one, your extra money can be used towards campaigns. And speaking of free trackers, a good option that will soon be the talk of the town is ClickerVolt.


ClickerVolt Free Tracker

ClickerVolt is a unique tracker for many reasons, but here are some of our favorite features:

Super Fast Redirect

Since speed is an important factor in effective promotions, ClickerVolt has prioritized this feature. The faster the page loads, the better the rate of conversions. Your tracker should not be the bottleneck. Every millisecond counts, so redirects (or click-processing) using ClickerVolt is lightning fast, at less than one millisecond. You need not worry because the tracker still gets all the click information that you need, even at this speed.

Simple User Interface

Although ClickerVolt's dashboard is not as easy on the eyes as others, it is still as effective. The creators did not sacrifice the speed of the platform for aesthetics. Nevertheless, you will still be able to drill your stats down to accurately monitor your data. The analytics are presented in a tree table for easy viewing.

Google AI Integration

As many traffic providers either knowingly or unknowingly include bots in their traffic, it is important for a tracker to have a system to combat this. ClickerVolt does this by using Google's own powerful AI to filter and prevent suspicious traffic from visiting your landing pages or offers.

Voltify Takeover

This highly specialized tool allows you to take control of remote pages, without having to manually adjust them. This is very useful especially if you experience getting your landing pages ripped by a competitor. This tool is only available in the paid version.

Self-hosted Tracker

Unlike most trackers, ClickerVolt is self-hosted. This means there won't be any limit to the number of views or clicks that you can receive. For light usage, shared hosting is acceptable. For heavy usage, VPS hosting is recommended.

✅ The tracker is built into WordPress and is provided as WordPress plugin.

AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) System

This is a unique system available only in ClickerVolt. It tracks user interest levels based on the duration the user stayed on the page. This system uses the theory that the longer the user stays on the page, the higher the chances of him converting to a lead or a purchase. AIDA heatmaps qualify this information and indicate each keyword's quality based on the data. The affiliate or media buyer will then have an informed decision on which keywords to pause, and which ones to keep running (even without conversion data).


ClickerVolt Plans

As previously mentioned, ClickerVolt is a free tracker. All available features (except for Voltify Takeover) are included in the free version. But if you want to be able to receive customer support, as well as be able to use Voltify Takeover, then you can opt for the paid version.

The paid version is priced at $9.99 per month or $289.98 one-time payment. This version will also receive all planned future updates, such as traffic provider integration and the use of automatic link replacements. Interested affiliates can discuss the payment options with ClickerVolt’s customer service.

🚀 ClickerVolt was launched on affLIFT and support is provided by @JackySan to our community. You can view the official ClickerVolt thread for more information.

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This is just a terrible product, everything lagged and fell off, the links didn’t work. As one would expect, with such an attitude they did not last long

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