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Apr 21, 2020
I have three things with Binom going on right now but the first one is the most important. Would appreciate any help and suggestions.

1. I made a mistake setting up traffic source tokens months ago and now my data is messed up. 😐

I had my traffic source tokens set wrong for a while and only noticed recently. I was mistakenly using PopAds' XML feed tokens like [Lang] and [User Agent]. Months ago I must've thought [Lang] was the language token and user agent was needed.

Recently I decided to delete those tokens in my traffic source parameters for PopAds and I moved the others below those tokens up.


This was a big mistake because I went on creating new campaigns. And of course, those camp links have the correct tokens and the data shows fine. But now when I analyse the data for any campaign pre-token fix, it shows like this for example


Binom is still showing me data from the token that was previously in the current tokens slot. Here it shows those tokens when I drill down for ISP name.

I thought about


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