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May 7, 2018
A postback URL is how different systems (affiliate network, tracker, and traffic source) pass information to each other when a conversion has happened.

Each offer within ClickDealer can have its own unique postback URL if you want, but a much easier way to do it is to have a global postback. A global postback is for your entire account, so your conversions will be passed back to your tracker no matter what offer you run.

There are 2 ways to set your global postback.
  1. Ask your affiliate manager. On some networks, the only way to set a global postback is through your affiliate manager.
  2. Set it yourself through your affiliate dashboard.
ClickDealer's platform will allow us to set the global postback ourselves, so let me show you how:

First, log into your ClickDealer dashboard, and with the menu on the left go to Tools > Global Postback.


On this page in the box labeled "Global S2S postback URL" is where we'll put our tracker's postback URL.

To find your postback URL in Binom, log in and then in the header at the very top of the page, click "Settings."

By default, you
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