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Since you're delving into the world of performance marketing, it's crucial to realize that every penny you invest in promoting affiliate offers is like a bet on your affiliate network. This implies that the network must not only be dependable but should also offer a comprehensive set of tools and features. You'd want ultra-fast servers that showcase landing pages at breakneck speeds, coupled with a trustworthy tracking system. These attributes are the hallmark of an industry-recognized network, exemplified by ClickDealer.

Established in 2012, ClickDealer has ascended the ranks to become a shining star in the performance marketing sphere, particularly within affiliate marketing. This network hasn't just made a name for itself over the years; it's also bagged numerous awards, solidifying its spot on the list of top preferences for professional affiliates.


ClickDealer Affiliate Network

Top Verticals
Boasting thousands of offers, ClickDealer specializes in a diverse range of verticals. The top ones include:
  • Sweepstakes & Vouchers
  • Ecommerce & Retail
  • Dating & Social Networking
  • Gaming & Social Casino
  • Mobile Subscriptions
  • Software & Utilities
Exclusive Offers
Having cemented its position in the industry over seven years, ClickDealer has nurtured relationships with a plethora of advertisers. This network proudly offers exclusive deals that are hard to find elsewhere.

If the vast range of offers overwhelms you, yet you're certain about the vertical you wish to target, ClickDealer's Smartlink is the ideal choice. Once you secure approval for the standard ClickDealer account, you're automatically given the nod for the Smartlink.

The Smartlink is designed to accommodate all traffic types from across the globe. It ensures users are steered towards the highest-performing offer, leveraging creatives that have been vetted for efficacy. If a particular offer resonates with your traffic, you can negotiate bespoke deals with the advertiser, pending a quality assessment.

Payout Options
ClickDealer adheres to Net15 payment terms, which translates to earnings accrued from the start to the end of the current month being disbursed on the 15th of the subsequent month. Payout thresholds are set at $500 for the CPA network account and $100 for the Smartlink account. Should your traffic demonstrate exceptional quality, you might be eligible for more frequent payouts after discussions with your affiliate manager.

Available payout methods encompass ePayments, PayPal, Paxum, Payoneer, WebMoney, Wire Transfer, among others.

Custom Affiliate Domains
To avoid potential disapprovals arising from using default tracking domains, you can deploy your own domains with ClickDealer. Moreover, they're partnered with a service that assists you in verifying the correct configuration of your custom domain.

Loyalty Program
In addition to your standard earnings, performance-based bonus gifts await. For each $10 you earn, you receive 1 Loyalty Point. Amass these points and exchange them for enticing prizes. The larger your Loyalty Point cache, the grander the reward.


Rewards range from Amazon Gift Cards to lavish trips to the Maldives. If your desired gift isn't listed, you can suggest it and await an update regarding the requisite point allocation.

Streamlined Advanced API
While you have the option to utilize a pixel or postback for tracking offers and earnings, those tech-savvy affiliates can seamlessly integrate with ClickDealer via their API. This empowers you to access offer feeds, produce varied performance reports, and more.

๐Ÿš€ Join ClickDealer today. Curious about ClickDealer? Pose your questions in their official thread or reach out to @ClickDealer in the forum!

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If you are running any affiliate offers, don't forget to join Clickdealer.They have all kinds of offers which cover every verticals including sweepstakes,dating,finance,antivirus,nutra and etc.
My Account manager is responsive and gives me a lot tips.
I have been working with CD since 2016 and generated millions dollars with them ,they always pay on time.
Their minimum payment maybe not good to newbie, so be careful about your cashflow.

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