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If you are running any affiliate offers, don't forget to join Clickdealer.They have all kinds of offers which cover every verticals including sweepstakes,dating,finance,antivirus,nutra and etc.
My Account manager is responsive and gives me a lot tips.
I have been working with CD since 2016 and generated millions dollars with them ,they always pay on time.
Their minimum payment maybe not good to newbie, so be careful about your cashflow.
Some of the best Affiliate Managers a huge variety of Offers from different verticals and I really like there Top Offers feature so you can see which Offers and Verticals are having good metrics at the moment and are showing potential
You really can’t ignore them and I believe that you’ll give it a shot sooner or later. What they are doing is creating a favorable environment for its all affiliates by employing in only professional staff with the appropriate skills to solve any problem their affiliates may face with.
Here are only a few of many features they have:
24/7 support
Precise Targeting
Smart Marketing Solutions
And so on…

Are not you a member of ClickDealer yet? Go for it, they won’t disappoint you! :)
  • 1.00 star(s)
IMO - Not good for media buyers. Bad for cashflow (high payout requirements & also slow payout schedule).

Also my personal experience with them - My manager was just bad. My account was disabled (with no communication) because an Advertiser claimed (on pay day) the traffic was fraud. How I know this was BS, is because I run (dating smartlinks from) multiple networks in the same campaigns, & I was on weekly payouts with 4 other networks (doing 3k/week on 1 of them), and none of these other networks (ever) complained about that exact same traffic. I didn't even bother to email these guys to complain.

Don't believe how "trustworthy", "experienced", "industry-leading" networks claim to be. Most of these networks care more about keeping Advertisers happy. And not all networks are good for all types of Affiliates. As a Media Buyer you need Cashflow (quick payments) & (actual) support from Managers that understand the risks you're taking (with your own money) to generate revenue - this Network offers none of that.
The minimum payment amount is too high and not very friendly to newcomers,personally feel that the experience is not very good
  • Luke
  • 5.00 star(s)
ClickDealer is one of those CPA networks that every affiliate hopes to get approved into. They have great affiliate managers and TONS of awesome offers. Highly recommended 👍
One of the best networks out there.
Top managers. Good performing campaigns and tons of roots in the industry :)

They also host some of the best parties at conferences :)
One of the best affiliate network in the industry with wonderful account manager. She's always ready to help. Fast payment. I've never had any issue with payment. With so much offers to chose from..
  • jairene
  • 4.00 star(s)
ClickDealer is one of the most reliable affiliate networks out there. They have a lot of offers with high payouts. The only downside (for me) is that for newbies, the payout is a bit high and far between (Net-15 and $500 minimum). I've tried promoting the same offers across several networks and found that Clickdealer (and Mobooka) had the best conversion rates for the same creatives and traffic sources.
CD is best network for AM and their offers and support is awesome. I got my first payment in AM through them only. I wish they had approved my application when I started in AM. My AM (Eliezer Amarante) is very helpful and always help me to run green campaigns. Initially I thought that their minimum payout of $500 is very high but later realized that it is easy to achieve with their offers and support.
[newbie's impression] excellent affiliate network, yet I wish they got weekly payments cause net15 is hard for newbies, but I think they might do that once I prove myself.
  • Shifu
  • 5.00 star(s)
CD is one of THE best aff network out there. I recently started with them and I made more than $300 in 2 days. The support is also amazing and I just love it.

Must aff network

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