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Follow Along affLIFT Organic Traffic



Staff Member
Community Leader
Apr 17, 2018
I noticed early on that organic traffic seems to convert really well for affLIFT. Seeing this, I started working on a SEO strategy and how to grow our organic traffic. You can read about my first effort with affiliate marketing forum keywords here.


This is a graph of our organic traffic since launching. As you can see, it's started going up significantly over the past month or so. I expect that trend should continue. Part of the reason we're getting more organic traffic is because we have more content available for Google to index. Member profiles are all being indexed as well as certain Public posts.

Since launching, we have had 358 people sign up for affLIFT from a search engine. The conversion rate for registering is 42% HIGHER than our average. 122 of those registered users also paid to upgrade their membership 🎉 The conversion rate for paid membership is 155% HIGHER than our average.

So, you can see why I have an incentive to do better SEO work and get us more organic visitors :)

My plan of action for doing increasing organic visitors:
  • Keep improving on my SEO efforts
  • Make at least 1 post a week
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