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Hey Mates

Please welcome to official
AdPlexity thread.
My name is Alex and I'm going to be here with you. I'm quite new on this forum but experienced affiliate marketer in general.
AdPlexity is a top competitive intelligence tool. It’s got Mobile Native Desktop and Adult versions available. Without a doubt it is the easiest way to see what is working in the affiliate marketing industry.
  • 75 countries
  • 40+ traffic sources
  • 100+ affiliate networks
  • 150+ carriers
  • Cool variety of filters by carrier tracker keyword country date affiliate network advertiser ad size
  • Stats for traffic sources trends placements and publishers
  • Real-time updates
  • Powerful & easy to use UI
  • API access
Don’t forget to use our unique promo codes and slash the cost of AdPlexity services. Here's our discounted prices just for you: AdPlexity Mobile at [COLOR=rgb(65 168 95)]$149 only[/COLOR] instead of [COLOR=rgb(226 80 65)]$199[/COLOR] - afflift_m AdPlexity Native at [COLOR=rgb(65 168 95)]$169 only[/COLOR] instead of [COLOR=rgb(226 80 65)]$249[/COLOR] - afflift_n AdPlexity Desktop at [COLOR=rgb(65 168 95)]$149 only[/COLOR] instead of [COLOR=rgb(226 80 65)]$199[/COLOR] - afflift_d AdPlexity Adult at [COLOR=rgb(65 168 95)]$149 instead[/COLOR] of [COLOR=rgb(226 80 65)]$199[/COLOR] - afflift_a Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions! :)
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