Ad Blue Media/CPA Build - Instantly Declined Application?



Super Contributor
Apr 21, 2020
Soon I'm going to run more CPIs (app installs, APKs, etc).

Found out about Ads Blue Media yesterday. Heard they're what used to be CPA Build which I've heard of.

Applied this morning, was instantly declined lol

Not even an hour went by after applying before receiving this.


"The decision is final and will not be reconsidered" - yeah because you're such a sought-after aff network

Why does this happen?

Now I have to go out of my way to contact them or get clarification? Or come to find out it was their 'auto system' or some other bs like that.

Is my name, address, the networks I put I work with, the traffic types I entered (push, social), or something I put on the application blacklisted/flagged?

I'm affiliated with networks like CrakRevenue and MaxBounty but I'm not good enough for
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