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Follow Along A Tracking Experiment (& Journey) To Find The "Best" Tracker - DEADZ



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Apr 30, 2018
First, some backstory... I initially started my whole media buying journey with FunnelFlux (and instantly fell in love with the UI).
At the time I had minimal experience with setting up hosting, tracking, etc. But the help/doc section came in handy.

Eventually, I started running traffic on ZeroPark and decided to give Voluum a try. Missed FunnelFlux's live conversions update feature.
But I was happy with Voluum's ease of use & easy-integration with most networks & traffic sources.

After some success with high volume traffic (pop), I couldn't help the feeling I was having of "missing/dropped clicks" (won't get into that).
Started exploring trackers again, pretty much tried all of them. But ended up sticking with ThriveTracker. The updated UI & Reports got me.

Now as most of my current campaigns run multiple offers/links. I started to wonder about auto-optimization features (because I got used to Voluum).
But when I learned about Kintura & their machine learning, I fell in love (I do that a lot) with idea/concept of it.

And that brings me to this little experiment:
Running the exact same campaign on 3 different trackers.

ThriveTracker (Manual Optimisation) & Voluum (Traffic Distribution AI) & Kintura (Machine
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