We like to say that pop and push networks are the best friends of any affiliates, especially those working with mVas, Sweepstakes and CPI offers. Most of our top affiliates choose them as their traffic sources. So we at ADLEADPRO decided to talk to the heads of some of the biggest advertising networks and see what they have to say about trends and tendencies in working with our main verticals.

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Why work with ad networks and how to choose them​

Yes, a lot of affiliates use Facebook and Google to work with mVas, Sweepstakes and other top verticals at ADLEADPRO, but it’s getting harder to do that day by day. Facebook bans ad accounts for small to no reason at all making affiliates go out of their way to farm more accounts. With limitations growing more strict, it becomes more tiring trying to keep up.

And here is where pop/push traffic is coming into picture: safer, easier and profitable all the same.

Here is a short checklist on how to choose an ad network:
  • Available payout models: CPC (cost per click), CPM (cost per mille), CPA (cost per action). You can choose anything you like;
  • Targeting options: GEOs, languages, gender, age, devices, browser, type of connection, operators. Thematic and behavioral target.
  • Traffic volumes for offer’s GEO: If a network has a main pool of publishers in the US, you won’t have the great volumes in, let’s say, Indonesia.
  • Verticals: There are networks that specialize in porn websites and adult offer would be more relevant for them. There are others where no black/gray offers go through moderation.
  • Black/white-lists for optimization: The network should give the opportunity to turn off non-convertible platforms where there are no clicks or conversions. Some networks have AI to do that for you.
  • “Apple” formats: iOS doesn’t allow classical push traffic. But you can change it for iOS calendars or in-page push notifications.
  • Minimum threshold: In some networks you can start with as little as $50, others will have a minimum threshold of at least $100+.
  • Anti-fraud systems: Chinese click farms never sleep. Before carrying out any tests check out reviews and chats to make sure the network is legit.
You can always ask our managers on how to choose an advertising network. They don’t bite, we promise. They have all the newest statistics, they know where quality traffic is coming from and which platforms are worth testing. And keep reading the article to see what the heads of popular networks have to say (and don’t forget promo codes).

✅ RichAds: domain traffic that is 10 times more effective than pop​

Traffic: 5+ bln views per day, all GEOs
Formats: push notifications (including in-page and calendar), pop and domain traffic
Features: ready-made black-white lists and automated rules, customized creatives, Micro bidding, Target CPA feature
Minimum threshold: $100. With “ADLEADPRO” promo code you can get 10% bonus for the first deposit.

What tips can you give our affiliates for mVas, Sweepstakes, MFO and CPI offers?​

Push notifications, pops, iOS-calendar and in-Page are well-known and greatly performing formats with big volumes in all GEOs. You can launch basically any campaign, tests won’t take much of your budget. A newbie won’t have problems starting out, pros - scaling. We also strongly advise to test out domain traffic (10 times more effective than regular pops). It used to be private, but now it’s available to everyone.

What trends should we pay attention to in 2022 and what updates are you introducing?​

The most important thing for any affiliate is the opportunity for testing and scaling, so we advise to choose the most effective sources that bring the biggest volumes. We also suggest looking into sources with automated optimization. The future lies with AI that helps save time and money.

In terms of updates, last year RichAds introduced Target CPA (today it helps achieve up to 300% ROI). We also worked on improving Micro bidding and the quality of traffic for Premium Subscribers Lists Group (we ourselves test all the sources and pick out the best for the group). We also launched Tracking Wizard that helps simplify the integration with other trackers. And, obviously, introduced domain traffic.

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✅ Kadam: offer good service, quality and volumes​

Traffic: 10+ bln views per day, all GEOs
Formats: banners, teasers, push notifications (including On-Site and In-App), prerolls in videos and clickunders
Features: Target CPA, own anti-fraud department, retargeting/audiences, help with making creatives
Minimum threshold: $50. With “ADLEADPRO” promo code you can get +7% to your first deposit (valid till September 30, 2022)

What tips can you give our affiliates for mVas, Sweepstakes, MFO and CPI offers?​

mVas. We recommend these GEOs: EG/DZ/NG/IQ/SA/JO/SD/MA/TN. Top formats - pop, On-Site push and classical push notifications for mainstream flows. Work with lower CPC, low price does make a difference. Creatives with “Dating 18+” perform well. In Arab countries languages influence conversion depending on the region. We advise testing FR/AR/EN.

Sweepstakes. Nothing out of the ordinary - every news about the release of a new gadget works well (new iPhone, PS5 etc.). Focus on misleading creatives with the use of national operators/post services and interactive landings.

MFO. We know that teasers work great for MFO and push notifications - with both showcase and landing pages. Push notifications are usually used with misleading creatives that show approval of the application. As for top performing countries - they are usually CIS countries.

What trends should we pay attention to in 2022 and what updates are you introducing?​

Mobile traffic continues growing and so does In-App traffic. Relatively small sources (compared to Google or Facebook) will also grow thanks to technology, service, quality and volumes. There is also a tendency to go more white: it will become more difficult to have the same volumes with shock content, famous people etc.

In Kadam we updated a publisher’s account, added a teaser network ClicksCloud to our company group, introduced new features and targeting for advertisers. Our traffic volume went up to 150% in comparison with 2020. All in all we see that 2021 was quite successful in a lot of ways.

✅ Adsterra: in 2022 banner blindness will spread​

Traffic: 1+ bln views per day, WW traffic
Formats: banners, push notifications, prerolls in videos, native, Social Bar, direct link
Features: own ad antiban , unique support program Partner Care, multi step antifraud
Minimum threshold: $100. With “DWBFYQ4X” promo code you can get $100 to your $400 deposit (valid till December 31, 2022).

What tips can you give our affiliates for mVas, Sweepstakes, MFO and CPI offers?​

In Adsterra mobile subscriptions, VPN, utilities, adult, finance, lead generation, e-commerce, Sweepstakes and CPI work extremely well. You can always start with pop-under and Social Bar. The first one is foolproof. The second - is the newest and most interesting format. It will help you create native and customized creatives for any target and any vertical.

What trends should we pay attention to in 2022 and what updates are you introducing?​

We believe in 2022 banner blindness will only keep spreading so native advertising will remain very much in demand. That means we’ll be working on our top-formats: Social Bar and In-Page push notifications. In terms of verticals we see that VPN, CPI, utilities, browser extensions, sweepstakes, betting, crypto are as popular as ever.

In Adsterra in 2021 there were added 150k+ new campaigns. Main GEOs were Indonesia, US, India, Brazil and Japan. Social Bar has shown geometrical growth in income, increase in CTR by 10-30 times and best post-click results. Today you can choose between dozens of notifications for messengers and OS, video teasers, user widgets, In-Page push notifications and intersulls.

We have also improved statistics for advertisers, introduced price tokens to manage rates and control expenses, updated section “Wishlist Offers” - a unique package with the hottest offers in your personal account. You can always use it as an example for setting up your popunder campaign. Moreover, we updated our direct link for quicker monetization of app and social media traffic.

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✅ Clickadu: choose offers with simple flows​

Traffic: 2.8+ bln views per day, WW traffic
Formats: popunder, banners, push, instant text message, prerolls, SKIM
Features: ready-made black/white lists, CPA and Smart payouts
Minimum threshold: $100. With “CLICK_PRO” promo code you will have +$20 to your balance when you make a deposit for $100 to $300, or +10% to your balance with a $300+ deposit.

What tips can you give our affiliates for mVas, Sweepstakes, MFO and CPI offers?​

The most useful tip I can give is to work on creative components of your funnels, adapt it to the advertising network. Choose carefully your sources using trackers and managers’ expertise. For example, in our network we have 10+ verticals that convert well: from Utilities and VPn to dating and mVas. It doesn’t mean though that if you take a link from an affiliate network and put it into an ad network money will start flowing right into your hands with one click. Competition is hard and consuming, so choose offers with simple flows. Flows where with a small budget you can get enough analytics for further work.

Also look at local offers that target strictly the inner market of a certain GEO. They are more localized, have native creatives, local support and call-centers.

What trends should we pay attention to in 2022 and what updates are you introducing?​

I would say there are new formats and platforms that networks introduce in 2022. In Clickadu banners become more prominent, pop traffic. We have great volumes in APAC, NA, LATAM regions. And 50% of all sources have search traffic which guarantees new audiences and longer work with one offer without its burnout.

Moreover, we try to develop not only new resources but the functionality - we constantly update personal accounts of our advertisers and publishers. Based on my 2021 experience, I would say a lot of people find the technical side of working with networks more important than the quality of traffic.

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✅ Galaksion Advertising Network: Tier 1 audience - deep-pocketed but needs to be surprised​

Traffic: 800 mln views per day, WW traffic
Formats: push notifications, popunder, natives, Interstitial
Features: CPA payments, pool of free creatives, user activity targeting
Minimum threshold: $50. With “ADLEADPRO20” promo code you get 20% to your first deposit.

What tips can you give our affiliates for mVas, Sweepstakes, MFO and CPI offers?​

These verticals are entirely different from one another, so we can give only some general recommendations. A great advantage of these offers is that they usually have a simple flow: a user sees the ad, downloads/subscribes to it => and we get a lead. So there is no point in spending all your budget on Facebook, try out ad networks. The easier the flow is, the higher CR is with cheaper traffic. You can go to our blog to check out more insights on optimization.

What trends should we pay attention to in 2022 and what updates are you introducing?​

In 2022 Tier 1 became even more in demand. These GEOs are always desired, but the audience is quite demanding. The user needs to be surprised, our usual simple schemes won’t do. Moreover, you will have to pass a higher threshold. You can start with language split tests: some people sometimes forget about other popular languages, like Spanish and French.

Last year we became the first network with a CPA payout model. Our partners pay us only for conversions. We also added Interstitial format (utilities work great with it) and multi-creatives feature: you can test creatives from our internal bank of creatives within one campaign, either manually or with automated optimization. We also have gAdvertiser League club. Members usually get a monthly newsletter with the most profitable offers and GEOs. The ones who complete all the terms get a money bonus. We’ve been using gamification for more than a year now - this is a great way of involving partners.

✅ TacoLoco: a lot of affiliates are driving less Facebook traffic​

Traffic: 1+ bln views per day. WW traffic
Formats: push notifications (including, In-Page)
Features: badges on push notifications, S2S Postback, extended targeting, recommended bid and much more
Minimum Threshold: $100. The “ADLEADPRO22” promo code gives you +$20 to your first deposit till the end of 2022.

What tips can you give our affiliates for mVas, Sweepstakes, MFO and CPI offers?​

At TacoLoco you can always find high quality push traffic to work with literally any vertical. For installs and sweepstakes you can use mainstream push notifications, they perform well. But our account managers always suggest testing mainstream verticals with All traffic (Mainstream + Dating), because these themes are interesting for everyone.

What trends should we pay attention to in 2022 and what updates are you introducing?​

As it was last year, in 2022 we can expect growth in conversions in dating, nutra, crypto, gambling and betting. Plus, new offers in NFT and metaverse. And since the moderation rules in Facebook become stricter each day, most partners are already driving less traffic via FB.

In our network we still don’t work with resale. Last year we introduced badges for push notifications, S2S Postback, extended targeting options, added recommended bid and a lot of other features. Now we’re working on bringing new ad formats.

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So this is it for everyone. Take the promo codes and tips from the above, use all the advantages and formats of each ad network and don’t forget to ask our managers at ADLEADPRO for more advice and expertise.

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