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Guide First Impression of TacoLoco

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Apr 17, 2018
A week ago, I decided it was time I finally try out one of the exclusive push traffic sources that I have heard a lot good things about, TacoLoco.


TacoLoco is the push network created by the people from LosPollos. One thing that I really like about TacoLoco (and what made me want to test it) was that all their traffic comes specifically from their own subscribers they've gotten from the offers/LPs at LosPollos (and I assume some of their own internal media buying).

Overall, their traffic volumes seem pretty good considering they aren't reselling push traffic (like what you see with PropellerAds "Partners").


For us, that means this traffic should convert a bit better and potentially be cheaper since it's not being resold multiple times. I've noticed a nice CTR on my campaigns and a pretty good conversion rate. Unfortunately, the payout on the offer is just a bit too low to get profitable, but there's definitely some potential here:


My CTR decreased after the first day because I removed the back button redirect. 90% CTR is nice, but the back button wasn't converting and I didn't want to potentially have
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