When choosing an ad network to work with, what characteristics would you usually look for? Is it the features, the kinds of ad formats available, or the level of support the network is willing to provide? Well, guess what; there is one ad network that is sure to pass all these qualifications, and that’s Evadav.

They may not have been in the game long enough as other traffic networks, but they have proven themselves to be worthy of more than just a second look.


Available Ad Formats​

Evadav provides marketers with a range of options for reaching out to potential customers and clients, namely native ads, push notifications, in-page push ads, and popunders.

Native ads​

Evadav's native ads are always viewable, meaning they won't annoy users as they provide seamless integration with the site content. This is a great ad format to use when you're trying to scale, especially since this type delivers up to eight times better click-through rates than regular banner ads.

As of the moment, Evadav's native ads have a daily volume of 10 million, coming from more than a thousand publishers.

Classic Push Notification Ads​

If you're looking for a more aggressive advertising method, push notification ads are a good choice. These ads show up on both mobile and desktop devices, even when the user is not browsing the publisher's website or using any app. It pops up like a regular alert, allowing for more clicks and landing page views.

This is one of Evadav's best ad formats when it comes to quality and traffic volume. They deliver an average of 1.5 billion push notification ads every day coming from 10 thousand publishers.

In-Page Push Notification Ads​

The downside to classic push ads is that you can't reach iPhone users. This is where in-page push comes in. Like typical banner ads, in-page push notifications show up on publisher websites while copying the look of classic push notifications.

This means it is not device-dependent, so it is viewable on all devices and operating systems. Its performance is even better than push ads, reaching up to 25% higher CTR. It works great in almost any niche as well.

The daily traffic volume for in-page push ads in EvaDav is one billion, coming from three thousand publishers and growing.


If you intend to show full-page ads, popunder is your best bet. It opens in a separate tab or browser underneath the active one when the user clicks on any part of the publishing page.

As of today, EvaDav has more than two thousand popunder publishers delivering 50 million impressions on a daily basis.


Extra Features​

While the features may not be a priority when choosing an ad network, they are enough to sway your decision. For instance, EvaDav has some exciting features that would make you want to try them. Some of the most notable ones are the following:

One Platform for Publishing and Advertising Activities​

You only need to register once to get access to both the publisher and advertiser dashboard. So aside from buying traffic from EvaDav, you can send traffic to them and earn by collecting push notification subscribers.

Automated Rules​

It is typical for an affiliate marketer to have dozens or even hundreds of campaigns set up at a time. If you don't want to waste time blocking useless sources or whitelisting good-performing ones, then automated rules can help you manage your campaigns efficiently.

Traffic Estimator​

Wondering how much traffic you can have based on your targets, campaign schedule, and bids? EvaDav's traffic estimator can give you an idea, giving you a chance to adjust your bids in case you want more.

Unique Referral Program​

With EvaDav, you can earn commissions by inviting other users into the platform—may your invite be a publisher or advertiser.

If you invite a publisher, you earn 5% of that publisher's earnings. If you invite an advertiser, you'll get $50 once that advertiser spends $500 in EvaDav. You can either use your commission to fund your advertising campaigns or transfer it to your publisher account and withdraw your money. You decide!

Client Support​

We all know that a good support system can turn a failure into a winner. The same goes for ad networks.

Evadav's support system is actually one of the best in the industry. They don't discriminate; even if you have a new account, an advertising manager will get in touch with you to help you set up ads, give advice based on the performance of your campaigns, or even provide whitelists.

Campaign approval is also pretty fast; you won't have to wait days to get your campaigns approved. In fact, your campaign can be up and running within minutes! Someone is always around, even on the weekends.

Aside from the usual communication channels such as Skype, Telegram, and email, you can also reach out to the EvaDav team here in affLift.

Final Thoughts on EvaDav​

If the above points don’t encourage you, then maybe this will: EvaDav’s traffic quality is actually pretty good.

Whether you are testing an offer for the first time or have a tried and tested one that you’d like to scale, you will not be disappointed.

With its wide array of features, quality traffic sources, multiple advertising formats, and responsive support team, Evadav can surely help you push your affiliate marketing game further than you've imagined!

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