If you haven't heard about AdPlexity yet, it's one of the very best ad spy tools on the market these days, and it can make an affiliate marketer's job much easier, because of the capabilities it has. In fact, AdPlexity has almost become a must-have tool for affiliate marketers, providing a super user-friendly interface and five different modes of operation, each of which can gather critical information from the Internet to help you with your campaign initiatives.

Below is a brief discussion of each of the five distinct areas where AdPlexity can give your marketing initiatives a considerable boost, while also saving you tons of time.



This tool will allow you to keep tabs on all the most profitable ad campaigns being used by your competitors, from mobile traffic sources. When you have a good understanding of the kinds of mobile ads which are already successful, it can improve decision-making about the campaigns you choose to launch for your company.

More than 75 countries are monitored by AdPlexity's mobile tool, providing you with analysis on in-app ads which are currently running on Android apps, insights on campaigns which are running on mobile ad exchanges, and even hidden campaigns which are being run on mobile carrier traffic.


This tool will allow you to monitor the seven most popular native traffic sources, so as to gain a thorough understanding of the successful ads being run in all the major countries of the world. All the campaigns which target the most popular computer devices will be covered, including Android phones, tablets, Mac, Windows PC, and iPad and Android tablets.

All landing pages can be easily downloaded for analysis, and successful ads can be searched for, using filters like keyword, advertiser, publisher, and affiliate network.


When using AdPlexity's e-commerce tool, you'll be able to access data from over 100,000 e-commerce stores, and analyze all their most profitable products. That will give you the capability of sorting and filtering through more than 70,000,000 different products, so that you'll be able to discover insights into all the most profitable products currently being offered.

You'll also learn all about your competitors' revenue-boosting apps, so you'll know what they're doing to boost profits. With a wealth of information at your fingertips, you'll be able to make much better marketing decisions for your own company.


By using worldwide mobile carriers, you'll be able to monitor and validate online media activities, whether you're an affiliate, an ad agency, a mobile advertiser, or a services and applications developer. This tool will allow you to monitor what's happening all around the world on ad space that you're managing, as well as to test dynamic callouts on landing pages, uncover carrier-specific offers from smart links, monitor the total conversion flow of offers you're promoting, and to bypass any cloakers on the landing pages of your competitors.


With this tool, all the most profitable ad campaigns being run on desktop popup traffic sources, as well as those being run on desktop ad exchanges are monitored in all the largest countries of the world.

With a single click, you'll be able to discover ads promoting affiliate offers from more than 100 different networks being monitored. From the user interface, you'll have the capability of downloading every landing page, so you can analyze it and gain critical insights that will boost your own campaigns. Best of all, you'll be able to find all the most successful campaigns quickly and easily by searching and filtering by keyword, publisher, advertiser, and affiliate network.

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