Follow Along Zeropark + Voluum + PeerFly. Goal = Spot 3 Profitable campaigns


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it may be useful info for you - blocking certain ISP is possible in Voluum, if your ZP and Voluum accounts are integrated, in ISP/Carrier report (as shown on the screenshot below).

The ISP blocking will then affect the whole campaign.

Oh wow, not sure how I missed that.

Thanks, that should definitely help :)


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Closing the gap on getting Campaign 2 profitable. Will probably just let it run today and then move my bids for targets around. May setup a separate campaign for the targets I am getting conversions on and just focus on scaling those :)

Great work @Luke , my campaign started picking up conversions too, will post an update later.

It would be interesting to see how you scale the campaign, as I can see there is not great traffic once optimized, so we woul d need to raise our bids. Not sure it will continue to stay profitable.


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Great work @Luke , my campaign started picking up conversions too, will post an update later.

It would be interesting to see how you scale the campaign, as I can see there is not great traffic once optimized, so we woul d need to raise our bids. Not sure it will continue to stay profitable.
The OS restriction on this offer is what is making it so the amount of traffic is fairly small. The GEO doesn't help. However, if I can turn it into a consistent $5-10/day profit, that'll pay for my coffee so it's a win :)
We finally see some green here :LOL::LOL::LOL:

This has been hard, and I spent almost $200 to test campaigns and see this one profitable, but at the end I learned a lot.
I want to thank @Luke, he has been great. (and he turned this campaign into profitable for him in 3 days aeheh)

I want to say that I didn't copy his results, we bidded differently and we had traffic from different sources, so basically we did different things, but It has been great to watch how he was acting in some contexts.

What I did is finding some good sources with a pilot campaign (3/4) and creating a new campaign only with these sources.
Now my basic campaign is stopped but i know I should have it running to discover more sources, but before that, I need to make a little profit.

As you can see the profit is tiny, and the traffic too. But i feel like a LION:devilish::devilish::devilish::devilish:

Being able to pick a campaign and bring it to being profitable is something great.

I know what you think now "Ok great, anyway you lost some money and with that tiny profit you will need 1 month to recover the expenses",
you can be right, BUT

1- I will study more to try to optimize this campaign better and have a bigger daily profit.
2- This was a follow along, I spent some money to learn + (best thing) I TOOK ACTION.

You have to understand that when you have money rolling in, you are going to work more and better.
You see it took me 4 pages of thread to figure out every problem, and I had lots of problems, even if I am not a newbie in the aff field.
I had all the trackers already setup, and I had support from the forum.
But I had to kick my ass to make it happen, time ago I would have left, as I did many times before.

I think there are some basic rules I have learnt.
(This worked for me, not for everyone)

1- Choose the right offer. If you don't know what to choose just try to lurk around the forum or ask your Traffic source/aff manager what is the best converting niche.
2- Test at least 5 offers. Minimum bids, 3x 5x times the payout.
3- Choose offers with a miminum payout of $1.50 ( I know that it is not easy, but I had to stop my first campaign beacuse the payout was only $0.60. There was no room for testing and needed 10 conversions to earn $6, which is the same amount I am getting with 3 conversions on this winning offer).
4- Stop the offers that don't convert as soon as possible (you could give them more chances if you are on a bigger budget but this was not my case, as you can see even with low budgets I spent almost $200 to see 1 offer profitable)
5- Start optimizing as soon as you have little data (It can be reckless but you have to follow a scheme, seasoned affiliates can spend $1000 to test an offer they rely on, but not US, mere mortals :D)
6- HAVE TRACKING SETUP PERFECTLY (Otherwise please, stop everything and have the problem solved)
My bigger loss has been on a wrong setup, i burned more than $100 (half budget) because I was not tracking well and had to change tracker.


Working on the next ones.
Excellent info, using RON is better than use Keywords?
Depends on the traffic source.
Basically using RON is a different approach from using keywords or urls.

You use RON when you want to test a lot and you are not sure where you offer could convert.
You use keywords/urls when you have a clear image of your customer in mind and you can guess where they are and you know that your offer will performe better there.

I had good results with both.
I think RON needs more budget, because you are spreading the offer around and see what is working. But on the other hand you have LOTS of traffic.

Keyword is very risky, because you have to have in mind the customer behaviour when he digits that keyword. You have to master customer behaviour.
Example: if I am searching for 'Dog's food' It doesn't mean I want to buy dog's food, but I am maybe looking for info, a particular brand, a news.
if I am searching for 'Dog's food $3 a pack chicken', there are more chances I am in the mood of buying, because I am interested on a more specific thing.

URL Traffic is good, as long as you pick up the right URL. The traffic is going to be tiny but very targeted. And if you know what to sell you can do graet things with it. But same concept as keyword traffic applies here.


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oka, good, when do you stop the camp with not conversion? 3x of the payout?
I'm trying to figure out a good formula for that.

I'm thinking Initial Run (first time running an offer on a traffic source - no data) is 3-5x the payout, then you do your Visitor Data (device/os/browser) based on 2x the payout (this would probably only be if you had conversions in the first 3-5x the payout), and then you do Traffic Source Data (zoneid/source/target/etc) based on 1x the payout. Haven't figured it out for sure yet though. It's all just a judgement call.
2 New Campaigns launched. Fingers crossed :p:p:p

I am getting more comfortable choosing offers and setting them up.
I could have launched 10 or 20 campaigns today but I think that I need to stay focused on few campaigns at a time.

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