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Thanks Luke and Nick for updates on my questions.

So if I am setting auto bid of $5 CPM so I(system) will bid less on target where top bid is $1 and then bid high on target where top bid is $8 CPM and on average I will pay $5 CPM? also if I set manual bid then it will bid that manual amount regardless of top or minimum bid of target?
That's correct, but with Zeropark, it's a CPC and not CPM.


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That should be correct. This is from the Zeropark website:

"Zeropark has a very sophisticated bidding system available. There is a pricing algorithm that ensures that you pay the minimum price required to win the visitor. Hence, most of the time you will be paying less than your actual bid. Secondly, Zeropark uses average bids. We compensate for the fact that a lot of the traffic that you will receive costs less than your bid by exposing you to more expensive traffic. Hence, most visitors that you receive will be either cheaper or more expensive than your bid. However, the average price that you pay for the traffic will never exceed the set bid. Lastly, we split traffic among top three bidders. Even if your bid is significantly lower than the top bid, you will still receive some percentage of the traffic.
To sum up: if you’re just testing the Zeropark traffic, go easy with the bids; start low and bid up once you see conversions."

EDIT: Woah that was weird. No one replied, then I submit the answer and there were 2 replies. Either way i'll leave this post, as it gives a little more info about their bidding.


Hey @Mrtheone14

to add to what @Nick correctly said/quoted the system will try and average out the bid to your campaign bid setting. This is to give the campaign a chance of winning higher quality visits from a source, so you get a to test a wider range of traffic.

However, when you set a custom (manual) bid, we assume that you know how much you need to pay to win the optimal amount of traffic from this source at the optimal price for your offer, so the range is much closer to the custom bid.

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Wow thank you so much @Zeropark

So I can bid (auto bid) higher without worrying to spend more on a target with lower top bid. I mean I will spend/pay $.001 on the target if top bid of target is $.001 instead of my auto bid of $.005?



It depends on your level of filtering/targeting. Say for example you were doing a RON open to all traffic types and on your current bid you were winning mainly windows desktop traffic. Then you increased the bid and you start winning IOS Carrier traffic. It is much more exspenisve, so it increases your adverge cost to match the new campaign bid amount. So yes you would still pay 0.001 for that Windows desktop bid, but you would be paying 0.005 for the new IOS traffic you were not buying beforehand. The system would balance out at your new auto bid.

In short: keep the auto bid low and raise custom bids for targets and sources that are converting.

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