Why A Newbie Affiliate Lost All His Ad Budget On Push Notifications: Analysis Of A Negative ROI Case Study



Jun 7, 2022
In the spring of 2023, the MyBid advertising network team stumbled upon a fascinating case study shared on a popular affiliate marketing forum. This case study highlighted a situation where a newbie affiliate had a negative return on investment (ROI) after trying his hand at push notifications for the very first time.


We've chosen this case study to analyse the typical mistakes new affiliates often make that lead to them burning through his budgets without getting any leads. Plus, we'll offer some recommendations to help newbies turn the tide and start making profits with Push notifications.

Here's the backstory from the author of the case study:​

The author of this case study revealed that he decided to explore push notifications after watching a YouTube tutorial. Starting with a $50 balance on the advertising network, he launched two test campaigns simultaneously, targeting 7 different offers across 2 geos. He chose the offers from the nutra niche and he created two smartlinks, one for each geo:
  1. Four offers related to male enhancement products in Hungary.
  2. Three offers for supplement pills in Indonesia.
Over the course of four days, he spent a total of $13.44 and
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