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Guide White Hat Landing Pages: Easy Creative Design Method 2023



Mar 1, 2023
Hey guys this is method I came up with called the "Easy Creative Design Method". This basically allows you to make professional looking pages without heavy deign skills, or experience writing html/css.

How I came up with method:
I spent years learning how to design pages, and purchased an optimized landing page from a Jvzoo vendor. His page beat my html based pages that I made. I noticed the page I purchased just seemed to be an image with text on it, and was the first time I ever had an extremely profitable CPA campaign.

His page worked really well, but only was only optimized for desktop and tablet devices. I optimized he page a little further and seem to get ever better results, and developed an image based landing page method that would work for almost every device type that I'm going to share on the forum.

Easy Creative Design Method

Step 1:

First, we need to create an image with a transparent background.

You can use Photoshop, Canva or almost any other photo editor that will allow you to layer images.

Open up your Photo


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