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Voluum + bing/google ads = ban?



Active Member
Dec 26, 2021
hey guys, so this topic is a bit tricky.
i have been using clickmagick for quite a while and thinking to move to voluum. But i have seen not just once from various forums or super affiliate said that voluum with PPC like bing/google can be risky because they're using some other logic in tracking which can be considered blackhat from bing/google.


and alot of other similar example from other affiliates.

I want to hear from the others is it true or just a bad flame to voluum?

as far as I know, clickmagick is using utm parameter which is google/bing default tracking mechanism so its clean from their perspective and hence limited to 5 utm variables. Now voluum is designed for much more than what clickmagick does, e.g. push ads/ pop under/ native dsp etc therefore it comes with pro and cons and its not natively built in the most "clean" way from bing/google perspective.

i am very eager to move to voluum becox of its automizer function that can auto feed bing/google CPC and conversion which CM cant. but with the risk of banning my vintage PPC account might not worth it

seek your kind sharing
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