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Guide Tracking Campaign Push Revenue on Monetizer (yes, it's possible!)


Thanks a bunch @dood ! This cleared sooo many questions I had on push landers.

I recently purchased several push landers from @nitin do you think I can just copy paste the script from this lander to those ripped landers and use them successfully?


Well-known member
Hi @dood as this guide is for collecting push subscribers using landing pages. I am just curious how do you make your landing pages?
I didn't make this one. Luke is using it, so I've decided to use is as an example for this guide.

You can find landing pages like that on AdPlexity or code your own if you know how to.


New member
Edited the original post - replaced the old lander with new one (lander_v2.zip).

This version isn't firing back multiple post-backs for users who already clicked Allow or Deny button.
Hi, dood I followed this instruction carefully and it did not work for me , I am getting error message after clicking allow on the landing page and I use vpn to switch to the location to switch the country, the tracker sim to be working it is reporting visitors,inside monetizer the TAG I am not sure if it is working b/s i am getting clicks from previous campaigns that are closed, I am not sure what I am doing wrong , Please help me figure this out . Thanks



Well-known member
Are you sure you put the correct link for ALLOW action?

The error you are getting might indicate wrong url.


@dood Thanks for the guide, I able to configure the setup as per the guide, but not able to get a conversion on the tracker, I am using @Kintura, can you please help me out?