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Apr 17, 2018
Last week, I found an interesting dating offer for Argentina and decided to test it. I believe I may have run Argentina push before on PropellerAds, but it's been a long time so I decided to give it a try. I've also been having pretty good results lately with my Spanish lander flow and see some room for improvement so it was worth a test.

Well, immediately I could tell this has potential.


I am testing both a direct link since it's mainstream and PropellerAds has no issue with the LP and my own flow:


and both classic and inpage:


This data does not include today's stats. Today, I setup 2 whitelist campaigns with my converting zones for both campaigns. I also had to switch the source of the offer. The affiliate network I was working with was pausing the offers, but told me to go ahead and run them through Cpamatica (@Cpamatica) so I'm running them there and I'm also testing other AR dating offers my AM recommended :)


According to PropellerAds, I'm not even buying 3% of the total traffic so there's definitely room to scale. I'm
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