Follow Along Sweepstakes With PropellerAds (The Journey to $50/Day)


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hi please check your PM for the lander,
one more thing, open the zip file and open the index.html file using notepad++ and place your affiliate link as shown in the screenshot.
Upload this file to your server and check the conversion now

Happy to help :):):)
I'm not giving up guys!

Right now I'm using ZeroPark to run my sweepstakes offer.
ZeroPark Settings:
CPV: $0.0005
Daily Budget: $15
Inventory type: Standard
Traffic Filters: Mobile
Frequency: 3 Hours

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I'm following and waiting for good results !!

I saw you defined $0.0005 for your bid. I've just launched my first campaign using ZeroPark and my bid is $0.01, but my daily budget is consumed very very fast (I'm using 24h frequency cap) I don't know if I'm bidding to high.
I usually bid pops (popovers/popunders) between $0.001 and $0.009 per view. You *will* burn through money fast even at that rate.
Hello artron,

Yes, I was actually burning money, plus, I was doing things wrong due to misconception of the type of traffic. Now I'm running a new campaign with way lower CPV and I'm getting more data.