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Step 7 - Add Landing Pages to BeMob



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May 7, 2018
While you can profitably direct link the Zeydoo survey offers, you'll almost always have better results if you use landing pages.

The landing pages can be very simple, such as something like this (if you want, you can download this landing page at the bottom of this post):


There are a ton of guides around making landing pages here on affLIFT. So instead of repeating that same information, I'll give you the links to those guides to get you on the right track.

Landing Page Hosting:

There are many options for landing page hosting. This one is my favorite (text and/or video guide):

Here are a couple of other step-by-step guides to set up LP hosting with other services. Amazon is free for 1 year, but with Vultr you'll have to pay ~$5/month. Both options are good.

Landing Page Builder (if you really can't code):

The landing page pictured above is really simple, but if you really don't know how to code on a super basic level then you can use a landing page builder.

Scripts to Monetize Your Landers Better:

Scripts, such as back button or push


  • afflift-survey-landing-page-v2.zip
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