Guide Step by step to host your landing pages in your own vultr server



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Jun 11, 2018
hello, afflifters.
as I promised you last time in this thread that I am going to shoot a nice video tutorial for your guys, step by step on how to create your own server and manage it, and how to link your domain names with it and how to use CDN with it.

the best thing is that this is very cheap, you don't need to pay 99$/monthly just to send some visitors to some of the landing page softwares.
all you need is 5$ /month fresh server to start, and from there you go.
It is what all experts do :cool:.

let's start and I split the tutorial into 5 videos so that you won't get confused with 1 hour video tutorial.

Video 1: we will see how to open the accounts you will need and install the tools you will need.
and exactly we will:
  • Open your Vultr account
  • Open Cloudflare account
  • Open Namecheap account
  • explain how to install FileZilla on Windows and mac
  • explain how to Install ssh Client on Windows and mac
this is the video :love:


Video 2: install the server and install
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