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STEP 14 - Optimised Results



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May 2, 2018
Campaign has spent another $5. Let’s see how things are looking now.


If you remember, the first campaign (before any optimisations) ended up with ROI around -83%. After I made optimisations and decided to buy traffic from only a few countries, my latest campaign ended up with ROI around -58%. So you can see this is going in a good direction.

Nigeria ended up being profitable again, this time with ROI around 60%.

Since we spent a $10 budget on these two runs, I will stop here. But if I wanted to continue running this campaign, I would probably choose only Nigeria and buy traffic only from these WebsiteID-s:


While I wouldn’t make much profit from this combination (Nigeria + 18 WebsiteID-s), this just shows that even with a $10 budget you can quickly get some traffic and discover profitable segments. If I would see that I'm not getting much traffic from that combination, I might reconsider buying traffic for Nigeria from all WebsiteID-s and checking the results again.

You can apply this method to pretty much all your campaigns in the future.

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