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Step 12 - Optimized Results



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Apr 17, 2018
Optimized Results

So, I have great news. The second round of testing went well. It took quite a bit longer to spend our budget since we had removed so many countries, but the results got better and better:


That’s right, the campaign was even PROFITABLE during the last hour it was running. In fact, if we do a drilldown report for the last hour (16:00 - 16:59), we’ll find that 3 of the 4 offers we are running were profitable:


The Push_Smart_4 offer might need paused on the next round of testing if we were to do some optimizations.

It seems with this campaign, we should focus on South Korea. Here is the country drilldown report for that same hour:


South Korea is a green segment of this campaign. You will have a lot of red. Red can be discouraging. It means you are losing money. However, to find the green, you need to know there will be some red.

I will continue optimizing this campaign to see if I can make back the money I spent testing and I will update this guide, but for what I had hoped to
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