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Follow Along Spooky Contest! πŸŽƒ - MGID + AdCombo - 1st Native campaign $$$



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Feb 20, 2021
Hello all! 😜

I've been missing here for a while... but I'm back. πŸ‘‹

During my absence, I've been studying and building a base that I can count on to create a portfolio of campaigns that can be stable, profitable and reliable. πŸš€
For now, I have the theory, but it's time to take action and I see no better way to do it than participating in the new contest that @Luke has organized πŸŽƒ:

It's my first campaign with Native traffic, so I'm going to try to show as much detail as possible (uncensored :censored:), with the goal of:
  1. Offer to the community the most information and transparency in everything I do. With the objective of learning all together 🀝
  2. Receive the best help from all of you (suggestions, recommendations, corrections...). πŸ†˜
So let's run the first campaigns and see how it goes.

I will start with these parameters:
🎯 Traffic Source: MGID​
πŸ”§ Tracking Tool: Binom​
πŸ’° Affiliate Network: AdCombo​
πŸ›οΈ Type of Offer: COD - Weightloss, Skincare, & Blood pressure.​
🌏GEO: Tier 3​
πŸ’΅ Offer Payout: From $8.5 - $12​

For this case, I am going to change my whole way of operating


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