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SelfAdvertiser Contest - $5,000 in Prizes - BIGGEST EVER!



Staff member
Apr 17, 2018

I will create the thread on Monday morning for voting for your favorite follow along. I want to give everyone a chance to update their threads/follow alongs this weekend.

Voting will be from Monday until Friday morning when the winners are announced :)


Super Contributor
Jul 23, 2019
Hi guys,

Another week has gone by with a lot of appreciation for all of your awesome work. So once again great job everybody!
@caleb , @schiarelli , @Itsjay24 , @jairene , @Ahmed Ibrahim , @charliebrown , @Captndave , @varunkeskar , @AjsBaaf , @belrican , @jimmyvanilla , @servandosilva , @kromanionetz , @crimz , @noisyboy , @makifkaban , @grocky , @mandyk , @yasser_28 , @WayneGretzky , @addy112 , @Mrtheone14 , @sushiparlour .

We want you to know that we are reading your follow-alongs, following your progress, and are obviously very attentive to your feedback.
So thanks again for keeping us in the loop, asking questions, and making us understand your needs so we can come up with the right solutions.

We are very happy to share that following your latest feedback, we decided to make Android webview traffic targeting / excluding much easier.

That way, it would be easier for you to detect this kind of traffic and block when needed 💪

Also, since we're heading towards the final week of the contest, we want you to succeed and experience our platform to the fullest, we gathered some tips and tricks to avoid newbies' mistakes. Here it is:

Optimizer campaigns settings

  1. Min Learning Bid - should be higher than the min bid per geo, but also sufficient enough to get volume.
  2. Max Learning Bid - sets the range of bids the optimizer will test in learning pash- we recommend on at least 3 times the min bid- allows enough space for testing.
  3. Max optimization Bid - sets the top end of bid per campaign- will only be available for converting and well-performing sources. So don't be afraid to go wild here :)
  4. CPA GOAL - sets the tone of bids for best-performing sources, best to set as close to real conversion value (minus the profit % you want to achieve).
  5. Learning budget per source - we recommend 25%- 100% for RON campaigns and at least 100% for KW campaigns.

💁‍♀️Tip - We saw a lot of campaigns with very low bids, sometimes as low as the min bid per geo. Low bid doesn't always mean only low cost per click, low bids can often lead to lower quality traffic since competition in those bids are low and it's easier to get more “unwanted” traffic.

How do we solve this issue without paying higher CPV for the same traffic? SEPARATE TARGETING IS THE TRICK.
When setting an offer with multiple targeting available- Desktop and Mobile, IOS and Android and etc. it's best to separate targeting and go through targeting in detail.

  • Separating Mobile from Desktop - volumes are different and also bids and performance.
  • Mobile offer- separate IOS and Android- IOS has less traffic and generally more expensive, opening the two together will make you buy mostly Android. Separating will help set appropriate bids for each to get the volume you need.
  • Targeting “newer” versions of OS and browsers. We have the option to do so, why not use it :)

Campaign delivery

Although we have default settings for RON and KW type campaigns, we always recommend using this section in cases you want to spend your budget without changing bid.

RON Campaigns - If not spending enough when “evenly distributed throughout the day” and you don't want to raise the bid and pay more- move to “as soon as possible”.

KW Campaigns - we recommend “as soon as possible”.

(*) Evenly distribution of low daily budgets can also cause you to lose potential traffic since the hourly budget will be very low.

Optimization- a key element for success
We saw many of you optimizing by all kinds of means- OS & Browser versions, ISP, source level, hour of the day and etc. this is great and so important for a good offer to work!

Source Optimization
Most of the day-to-day optimization should accrue on a source level- whether it is with our great Optimizer or manually- you set the learning budget and bids.

OS & Browser Optimization
Make sure when you are optimizing by OS & Browser version you do it in higher “learning budgets” - we saw a lot of members pausing an entirely new OS or Browser version for spending 5$ in total! In those cases, pausing Chrome 86 for example, which currently holds most Chrome users, will be a shame and can actually damage more to a campaign than do good for performance.

Bids Adjustments

Make sure to adjust your bids as you go - don't stick to the initial settings only.
With the Auto Optimizer, it's easy!
You see you reached your max learning bid in learning phase sources- it means your campaign is working hard to get more traffic but the bid limits it!

Your top-performing sources are at the top end of the max optimization bid? Let them loose! They will never raise bid more than needed, the Optimizer always sticks to your target CPA.

💁‍♂️TIP - In the first week or 2 of a new campaign, make sure to make those adjustments every other day if needed, it will really help you scale and grow.

Restricted targeting
When setting up a campaign with low volume geo, or only 1 specific carrier, for example, we always recommend losing up other limitations of traffic distributions and to play with the bids to see if it helps in bringing more volume.

Win rate and Potential Volume per KW
On Domain campaigns, you have the option to see win rate per source, and “Potential volume” per KW, use it!
It could really help in making the right decisions on optimizing and scaling. If you see potential is high and win rate is low, increase your bids and see how win rates go up and you get more volume.

That's it for now guys 🤲
We hope that this will be helpful to you and we can't wait to see more follow-alongs this week as we are getting closer to the end of this contest.
Gal, our Customer Support Team Leader, will be available to all your questions so don't hesitate to contact us here or look for her on Skype: gal azulay.



Staff member
Apr 17, 2018
The winners have been posted!