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SelfAdvertiser Contest - $5,000 in Prizes - BIGGEST EVER!


Staff member
Are you ready for the biggest affiliate marketing contest we've ever had on affLIFT?!?!?!?!?!!!

We've partnered up with my friends at SelfAdvertiser (@SelfAdvertiser) and we will be hosting our biggest contest ever for the 4 weeks with $5,000 in cash prizes!

The prizes will be broken up into 3 categories that I will explain below, but participation in the contest is very easy and every member of affLIFT should have an opportunity to participate and win some cash :)


Similar to our previous contests, this contest is 4 weeks long. The contest begins today (October 8th) and ends on Thursday, November 5th. There are $5,000 in prizes that will be paid to the winners via PayPal after they are announced on Friday, November 6th.


The prize structure is a little different for this contest and provides everyone a chance to walk away with some money. We have 3 categories we will be choosing winners from and each category has it's own prize:

The Best Follow Along award will be given to 1 participant chosen by the SelfAdvertiser and me. We'll review all of the follow alongs posted for the contest and choose the best one based on the performance of the campaign and creativity/effort put into it.

The Community Favorite award will be given to 1 participant chosen by the affLIFT community. We will create a poll with all the participating follow along threads that qualify 1 week before the end of the contest. All members of the community with have an opportunity to vote for their favorite follow along and the person with the most votes will be award the Community Favorite prize of $1,000.

PARTICIPATION TROPHY - $3,000 (split up)
The Participation Trophy award will be given to every person who participates in the contest that creates at least 1 follow along thread that qualifies as an entry into the contest. I've outlined what is required for qualification below. The total prize pool of $3,000 will be split up among the participates (for example, if we have 30 participants that qualify, each will receive $100).


Participation in our contests here on affLIFT is easy. The goal is to help you and encourage you to take action. You can participate in the contest just by creating a follow along thread/campaign using SelfAdvertiser!

Your follow along can be for any ad format on SelfAdvertiser (pops, redirects, or push).

Here are the steps for qualification:
  1. Sign up for SelfAdvertiser (if you already have an account, use this link to sign in and top up anyway so you get a bonus!)
  2. Make a deposit ($100 minimum) (if you already have an account with a balance, you can use that for the contest as well)
  3. Create a campaign on SelfAdvertiser (any traffic type is fine)
  4. Create Follow Along thread in either our push notification forum or PPV forum depending on the ad format you use
  5. Reply to this thread with a link to your follow along thread
  6. Post at least 4 updates in your thread about how your campaign is running (be as detailed as possible)
That's it! Continue to update your thread with how your campaign is going and any questions you have or things you've found that might be helpful to other members about running your campaign on SelfAdvertiser.


SelfAdvertiser is offering everyone on affLIFT a 20% bonus on their next deposit. This is for old and new accounts. So, whether you have used them before or not, USE THIS LINK TO SIGN UP OR LOGIN.

Claiming the 20% bonus is easy. Click the link above or banner below and then use the promo code: AFFLIFT_CONTEST20

SelfAdvertiser bonus


I will keep a list of the contest participants here so you can check out their threads for examples and inspiration for how you can run your own SelfAdvertiser campaign. Our Community Leaders will be launching their own campaigns as well :)


We will be releasing guides to help you with setting up your SelfAdvertiser campaigns and our team is here to help you once you start your follow along. @SelfAdvertiser is also devoted to making sure our members are getting any support they need (their team has been FANTASTIC in helping me with my own campaigns).

Check out these premium guides for SelfAdvertiser 👍

Do not hesitate to let us know if there's anything we can do to help!

I'm looking forward to many successful campaigns being posted 🚀

UPDATE: the winners have been posted!
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Staff member
I'm gonna take this first reply to thank @SelfAdvertiser. We met in Las Vegas at Affiliate Summit earlier this year and they told me when we met that they were going to run our biggest contest ever. We intended to do the contest earlier this year but with COVID and my month long vacation this summer, things fell apart on my end. But, their team is fantastic and we worked together over the past month to put this together and I couldn't be more excited about it.

This seems like an AMAZING opportunity for our community. So, thank you very much to Mor, Hadar, Gal, and the rest of the SelfAdvertiser team for helping make it happen!


Super Contributor
I was going to add $100 to my Advertizer account, but I think I use it here instead. However, I tried to sign up and the Sign Up button doesn't seem to work for me on the SelfAdvertizer page.


Staff member
I was going to add $100 to my Advertizer account, but I think I use it here instead. However, I tried to sign up and the Sign Up button doesn't seem to work for me on the SelfAdvertizer page.
Can you share a screenshot of what is happening? I just filled it out with test info and it seemed to work.