Question about http and https url



Oct 30, 2020
I have questions about http and https url.
I learned that all urls (tracker url and offer url) should be same.
So If tracker url is http, offer url also should be http.
(if tracker url is https, offer url also should be https)

I wonder what problem will be happened if tracker url and offer url is different (tracker url is https while offer url is http).

I found that one of the offers I'm sending traffic has https url.
But I tried to visit the offer url using vpn and found that the offer url was redirected 2 times.
And one of the redirected url was http.
The offer url is https but when I visited the url A, it was redirected to http url B and then redirected to https url C again.
So the offer url chain is https --> http --> https

I wonder if promoting this kind of offer (redirect 1~2 times including http url) is fine or it has some problem such as click loss,
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