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Question about dropping traffic and quality in PropellerAds

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Super Contributor
Nov 24, 2019
So on Monday I created a CPA campaign with 65% payout of the offer in PropllerAds to test some offers. On the first day it was so good with 60% ROI, and I thought I had to scale fast before too late.

So on the next day I Iaunched 2 more campaign with one higher (80%) and one lower (50%) with more specific targeting to see the differences and maybe more profit :p But this happened

No more conversion :’( the 18 conversions is right before I started these 2 campaigns.

And after 3 days, I decided to stop all 3 and move on. The question is: Have you guys ever faced this issue and how to deal with it? I used to face this before but I don’t know who to ask :p
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