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Grand Guru
Nov 1, 2021
So today i will start my first follow along in this forum. I am not new to affilate marketing (i was member of other forums before - no i do not name these) and this is my second start with paid traffic after 2016. In 2016 i made 30000$ in revenue to stop after cause i was still 2000$ in the red and going more crazy from day to day looking all 5 minutes at my stats. So I decided to stop. I had campaigns that made me on good days 200$ profit to die after two weeks and then the time to find new profitable combos just ruined any time what i earned before. Maybe i made too many mistakes. I do not know..

Now i will do it again. But this time (after i have done some testing the normal CPA way again) i rethought anything after i have read the posts about E-Mail marketing. And yes: this is now MY road and i will be focused until i make it!

I setup now my funnel at Aweber (SOI) and signed up to different networks in this vertical. Two approved me so
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