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Follow Along PropellerAds Contest Follow Along: Can We Hit $100 Profit Per Day? #PA10k



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Nov 8, 2019
This month's contest by PropellerAds is massive. 🤯 Congrats to @Luke and Afflift for hosting the biggest ever follow along contest the industry has ever seen.

Follow alongs are always nice given that you can test new stuff & get feedback from other affiliates and can actually get some of your test budget back since there are participation prizes too. Other than that, you need to be quite snappy because of the pressure of many people following along your journey. Personally, I've found that I'm more retrospective when I have a public follow along going on. In fact, I found some of my best campaigns so far from creating follow alongs in the previous contests and ended up making more than $5k in profits from those.

But from the last 2 months I've been bleeding left & right and on the verge of going belly up. I hope I can find some winners from this follow along. Since I specialize in mobile content offers and pops, that's what I'll begin with and might start experimenting with some new shit in the coming few days. So time to get past hill of beans and let's try to hit $100 in
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