PropellerAds $10000+ Follow Along Contest (BIGGEST EVER!) #PA10k

Absolutely stunning email sent by my friends at ProPush! ❤️ @ProPush

Working on updating the massive list of follow alongs. Few days left so make sure to get your updates done! :D
Make sure you vote for your favorite! :)
WOW, Luke. Thank you very much for the payment of the $116 participation prize money!!!!
This Forum and the contests are great to the MAX.
Thanx to all for the good info on all the great Follow alongs.
Congratulations to all of the winners!

First of all we want to say “thank you” to all of the participants. This contest was very productive.

We've read all of your follow alongs and comments and we are impressed by how useful they are for all of the community members. Thank you for your activity and contribution!

It was almost impossible not to give you first place. Your follow along was detailed and you were active through all the contests. Moreover, your case will be useful for the other ProPush users, so they can make extra
after reading your post.
Your FA was active and detailed as well and the result you got from using ProPush is impressive! We give you the second place, but your input in the community is priceless.
We were impressed by your detailed ProPush instruction.
Your follow along was detailed and we commend your hard work.
@Pablo T
Despite the results of your campaign you smashed it with ProPush! You are a real hard worker and goals achiever!

Thanks again everyone and see you the next time!
ProPush and PropellerAds put together some interesting blog posts from the contest. Check them out: