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Promoting Dating Offers in Germany With Push Notifications: How to Increase CTR Without Wasting Money



Jun 7, 2022
Today, let's talk about creating effective ads for one of the popular geos, Germany. This geo boasts a financially well-off audience that's open to 18+ content, making it a great target. German men, in particular, are keen on connecting with women. Notably, Germany ranks among the top 10 countries in terms of traffic on platforms like Pornhub, with Germans spending around 10 minutes on adult content on average.

Analyzing Fresh Ad Strategies for Germany​

Affiliate marketers often use push notifications to drive traffic, but even seasoned marketers can make mistakes with their ad creatives. So, we've decided to show some examples that work and discuss what makes them effective.

Localization and Message Authenticity​

Statistics show that 56% of Germans speak English, but the official language is German. Hence, it's crucial to translate your ad creatives into the users' native language. In the examples provided, the creatives are in English (which you shouldn't do).


Failing to translate your ads to the local language can result in losing at least half of your potential audience. This error often occurs when you're targeting multiple geos. To fix this, simply create several ad campaigns or ads tailored to specific geos.

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