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Problem with Maxbounty


Pablo T

Super Contributor
Nov 5, 2018

@MaxBounty has been considered many times as one of the favorite networks by many, but since my long-time affiliate manager left the company, it has become a nightmare to work with.

I've had an affiliate account with Maxbounty since 2018 with no problems at all. However, after my first AM left, I was assigned a woman who never answered her Skype. Then, after a couple of months, I was assigned a new manager that is doing illegal things. Let me explain.

Out of nowhere, after I reached to him for recommendations, he decided my account had suspicious activity and suspended it.

He asked me for a lot of documents to prove that it was my account and I did everything he asked for. I even gave him my password for Maxbounty, which I thought was not correct, but anyway I did. He told me, back on July 24, that it would take 72 hours to get back to me with the revision of my account by the compliance team.

However, he got back to me after 12 days and asked for my account credentials in Payoneer, since that was the payment provider I've been using.
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