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[Please vote] How much did you spend before being profitable?



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May 9, 2018
Reading how a lot of people test 1 or 2 campaigns and think they failed after spending a $50 bucks and want to quit, I want to get some stats and open some eyes about affiliate marketing and how much work is involved in actually turning it a full-time business.

Here are some real examples from members in the forum:

Some people ask how long it took me to achieve it, but I think the proper questions is how much you spend, because at the end of the day, the more you spend, the faster you fail and also the faster you find winning campaigns.

If it took you 5 months but you only spent $1,500 in those 5 months launching 2 campaigns per month, saying it took you 5 months would be confusing for other people.
Another person could spend those $1,500 in 1 month launching 20 campaigns and find a winner as well.

It personally took me around $3,200 to find my first winner, if I remember correctly.
I was able to scale that winner and make around $21,000.

This was with Zeropark and I also took advantage of a
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